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Sustainable Tourism » CSR

Nomadier has always been aware of its responsibility towards society and will continue to do so. We are strong believers and supporters of factoring in the element of sustainability in any commercial activity that is undertaken. We strive to promote CSR activities and imbibe the same in the way we carry out our business functions.


Nomadier's Commitment
We have adopted and implemented a business model that helps us leverage sustainability through supply-chain initiatives. Our supply-chain consists of only local people, agencies, facilities, so on and so forth. This has been done with the intention of encouraging home-bound industries as well as SME's in the Solo-Khumbu region through a trickle-down and multiplier effect.


Nomadier carries out its responsibility of constantly engaging with all its patrons at various levels. We try and share as much information as possible with our clients that would help them be Responsible Tourists, through various mediums.


We believe that, in order for one to effectively engage with the upliftment of any particular region, one must be aware of the regions history, its culture, traditions, belief systems, as well as its current social, political and economical scenario. This is what Nomadier, through its carefully designed offerings provides; an opportunity to travel, take up an adventure of a lifetime as well as the chance to familiarize oneself with the region , its people and their issues.


We continually try to link quality adventure experiences with environmental and social measures through our well laid out guidelines. Nomadier, in its own capacity, would continue to give back to the region that it functions in, by way of identifying the cause/s that call for attention.


How You Can Engage Through Nomadier
Nomadier, through its well thought out expedition packages, offers the valuable opportunity to all the corporate entities out there to engage fruitfully in CSR activities.


Through the Nomadier platform, you as a corporate entity can undertake any of the activities to fulfill your social responsibility and give back to the society.

  • Develop holistic and comprehensive CSR strategies in partnership with Nomadier that would economically, socially, culturally or environmentally benefit the region
  • A team from your company could travel avail one of our packages and engage with the local communities, based on an issue or cause that your company would like to align itself with


In order to know more about how the packages could be customized to include special CSR related activities, contact: