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The Origins – Nomadier's Birth
Don't bother looking up the meaning of the word 'Nomadier' in the dictionary. It does not exist. Then, why the name, what does it mean, what is the rationale behind naming a company using a term that does not exist, one may ask.


Well the reason is quite simple. We were looking for a name that would capture our zeal for adventure, our attitude towards life and more importantly what we have to offer. Hence was born Nomadier. Coined from the word 'Nomad', people who have no permanent home and who wander around with the changing seasons. Wouldn't naming it just as 'Nomads' or 'Nomadic' or some other form of the word Nomad have sufficed? That would be a reasonable question to ask. Well, it would have, in most cases. Not ours. We run away from the "routine". We dread the "done way of doing things". We reject the "rut". We needed something that represented us. Nomadier, sounded just right the first time it was coined during one of the many exhaustible sessions of brainstorming for a name that was US. Well, once we had finalized the name, the positioning line was a matter of reflecting our mindsets; the need for that ultimate rush, that heady thrill – hence ladies and gentlemen, we decided to give you 'Your Date with the Edge'.


Not just a good sounding 'tagline' that rolls off your tongue, 'Your Date with the Edge', also has deeper connotations that reverberates what Nomadier is all about. Nomadier offers the opportunity to go on a date and spend some great quality time with the love of your life; adventure. The tagline is a reflection of the building anticipation and the excitement of looking forward to an exhilarating experience, to prepare oneself, mentally as well as physically, for the forthcoming stimulating times and making the most of it when it actually arrives.


The font and colour used for Nomadier's logo also had to undergo the same level of scrutiny that the name and the tagline had to. The first impression that the fonts give are that of being bold, fearless and making an affirmative statement that 'I am different. And I have arrived!' in a rather no nonsense manner. They mirror Nomadier's sentiments pretty well, we would say. And then we have the colour Red. It has passion; it has fire, is bold and stands out. Red is a colour that draws attention and makes you notice it. We are sure, we are not the only ones who can instantly draw parallels between the colour Red and Nomadier.


So alright, the above proves that we are quite picky and choosy about names and fonts and colours and what we say about ourselves through our tagline! Yes we are, but that attribute of ours is not restricted to just names. The process of coming up with Nomadier, pretty much summarises the way we work, the offerings that we present. No traditional, routine, beaten down packages for our patrons. No way! So we went back to the drawing board and pretty much designed and customised the packages so that they would cover everything plus more of what a Nomadier needs; immeasurable doses of adventure! Trust us; we would know what a Nomadier needs. We are one.


Unmetered Doses – Nomadier's Offerings
So we cover regions and places and geographies in our packages that spell
'U N L I M I T E D E S C A P A D E S'.


The unrelenting Everest (Solo – Khumbu) region, the mystical and magical Ladakh region, the magnetizing Tibet, spell binding Himachal Pradesh and the upcoming expeditions across the regions of Bhutan, North-East India and Gujarat; these are our offerings wherein each region has various custom – designed packages to suit the tastes and the urge of various adventure junkies of varying degrees.


This ofcourse is the here and now of what we are offering but we haven't titled this section as Unmetered Doses without reason. In the future we would be bringing packages that would take you to places like Antarctica, the Arctic, Siberia, Congo, Alaska and many more. Also we thought, why limit the scope of adventure, so packages that take you to the heart of various disputed lands aren't too far off as well.


Experience Matters – Nomadier Difference
Raw. Spontaneous. Unscripted. These are just a few words that set Nomadier apart from the numerous adventure tour operators out there. Folks, Nomadier is not about 'activity based adventures' like bungee-jumping, sky -diving, para-gliding, skiing etc. Sure, some of these activities may be a part of the packages that we offer, but never the complete package in itself. The packages that we offer have been hand picked so that you experience the thrill as you unravel it, one moment after the other. Our packages are not predesigned, where the outcome of the expedition is known beforehand. We have retained the joy of discovering the outcome on your own as you take the expedition head on, one step at a time.


Who Should Come? – Nomadier's Relevance
Anybody can come. Nomadier does not believe in 'bars' of any kind. All you need is a certain mental make-up, an attitude that feeds on the thrill of the 'spur of the moment'. Nomadier's packages hold relevance for anybody who understands the basic fact that every once in a while, everybody needs a break from life's scheduled and routine chores. Anybody who relishes the thought of rejuvenating and rediscovering oneself amidst a setting that is raw, rugged and natural is welcome to enjoy the boundless adventures Nomadier has in store for them.


Carefree. Not Careless – Nomadier's Conscience
Now that you know what we offer, we think it's important that you know how we work. We are carefree but are not to be confused with careless. We are a company whose underlying work philosophy is being eco-conscious, at all times. We promote eco-tourism and hence through our understanding of the local issues, strive to contribute through a more responsible involvement. Nomadier believes in having fun while helping to conserve and protect the fragile ecosystems, endangered species, indigenous peoples and beautiful natural environment and culture of the region.


Nomadier completely believes that the benefits of tourism in a particular region should be structured in a manner that they are ploughed back into the region. For this purpose, Nomadier employs local people and works with local businesses. We pay fair prices and good wages and ensure that all our guides, porters and support staff have appropriate facilities and equipment. We are committed to uphold the rights of every member of the team and support staff. We ensure all our crew members are well treated and we provide the same level of shelter, clothing and footwear, and medical attention as any other member of the Group.


You Have Our Word – Nomadier's Commitment
And last but not the least, the most important element inspiring us to work the way we do is YOU. All our efforts are directed towards providing the ultimate experience to all our patrons. We have chalked out the nitty-gritty, worked out minutest of details and through our first hand experience of undertaking adventure tourism, have tried our best to deal with unforeseeable contingencies. We try to use our expertise and knowledge about the regions to make your expedition as smooth as possible, or should we say as raw and rough as possible, just the way you like your adventure trips!


However we would like to underline an aspect that is never neglected at Nomadier, Your Safety. Your safety is of utmost priority to us. We have guides and representatives on our team who are government certified professionals and who would always have your safety foremost on their mind. We have taken steps of providing you with all the necessary tips about various safety guidelines through various platforms like the website, material that we share with you on booking etc. Our own experiences of having faced hazardous situations during our travels have helped us customise packages that do not spoil the fun of discovering the outcome and at the same time having systems in place that ensure any kind of outcome can be addressed adequately.


The Gateway to Adventure – Nomadier's Website
Alright, so all that you read above and we hope that you read all of it because we meant every word, was just a snippet. We love the fact that you visited our website and found out more about us, our packages, our method of working and the process we follow. And the more important reason why we appreciate you visiting our website is that we have put in a lot of efforts (an understatement) to bring all the information you would need on one platform, our website.


After all the deadlines that whizzed past us, after all the lengthy deliberations about the colours used, the placement of images and a million other things, how we all finally managed to agree that the information that we have put up right now is sufficient (for the time being, if we may add. There will always be newer information put up.) is another adventure tale waiting to be told. But we guess we will leave that to later. For the moment, we just hope that you enjoy surfing our website. Just a word of caution though, the FACTSHEET that we have put up might just be the most detailed document that you would have come across, telling you almost everything you need to know.


If you think we have done a decent job or otherwise, we would like to know your feedback. Please send us your inputs at


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