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About us » Philosophy

We are a company whose underlying work philosophy is being eco-conscious, at all times. We promote eco-tourism and hence through our understanding of the local issues, strive to contribute through a more responsible involvement. Nomadier believes in having fun while helping to conserve and protect the fragile ecosystems, endangered species, indigenous peoples and beautiful natural environment and culture of the region.


Nomadier completely believes that the benefits of tourism in a particular region should be structured in a manner that they are ploughed back into the region. For this purpose, Nomadier employs local people and works with local businesses. We pay fair prices and good wages and ensure that all our guides, porters and support staff have appropriate facilities and equipment. We are committed to uphold the rights of every member of the team and support staff. We ensure all our crew members are well treated and we provide the same level of shelter, clothing and footwear, and medical attention as any other member of the Group.