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A History Of Success - The Pedigree
The promoters of Nomadier bring with them rich experience of the travel industry and in taking diverse entrepreneurial ventures to soaring heights of success. In them, we have the Founder Member and erstwhile Partner with HANMER MSL (part of the Publicis GROUP), India’s largest multi-disciplinary communications firm. Under his tutelage, HANMER MSL grew from just five member staff to more than 400 across eight offices! Currently, he is also the Promoter and Managing Director of Metieta Media Solutions (A Pan-India Media Planning, Buying and Releasing Agency) and Partner with Prudentia Strategic Partners, a Management consultancy firm. Among the promoters is also the Founder of ESCAPE, one of India’s leading leisure and business travel firms specializing in customized bookings to exclusive locations anywhere in the world. Travelling relentlessly and closely observing the varied cultures and etiquettes in each land of travel is what Nomadier’s promoters share in common. They also posses the exposure in handling global clientele and offices and between them have visited over 40 countries. But this is not to say that they share all their interests. While one might be busy exploring a strange cuisine and living a foodie’s dream, the other might be scaling a mountain or trekking a rough path. However when it comes to Nomadier, they together certainly ensure for you, a trusted saathi with hands-on knowledge of every pebble in the region of travel they offer you.

Grounded In Reality – Team Experience & Expertise
The Nomadier team has visited and thoroughly explored each region of adventure; it offers travel to its guests in. Through elaborate discussions and talks with the locals, we have unearthed the relatively unknown wonders in each region, wonders that have been rarely set sight upon. We have been to every hotel, you might stay in, and walked every trek, you might undertake. We have also been right in the midst of emergency situations that have ingrained in us the myriad contingency possibilities and ways to remain calm and overcome them. By undergoing the entire and exact experience we intend to offer you, we have understood how best we can assure your date with the edge remains exciting, safe and memorable. Therefore, be assured in your travels with us, that with you is one who has been there, done that and is now going to do the same for you.

Certified, Qualified – The Backbone
The most significant component that makes any expedition successful, pleasurable, interpretative as well as safe is an expert Guide. Keeping this in mind, Nomadier, has appointed expert, skilled, experienced, courteous and helpful Guides as well as other support staff who can ably handle contingencies and who know the terrain, culture, traditions, ecosystem, flora fauna, geography etc. of a region really well. All our mountaineering, trekking and sight-seeing guides are certified by the respective authorities in each region as mentioned below. Apart from that, our local Nomadier Representative will take care of your arrivals, departures, hotel check-ins in Kathmandu, sightseeing and excursions, queries, documentations, visas and permits. Our representative will be the focal contact point for all your needs and comforts during your expedition and will be a phone call away…24X7.

*In Tibet, our Guides are certified by the China-Tibet Tourism Board
*In Nepal, our Expedition Guides are registered with the Nepal Tourism Board and licensed by the Government of Nepal, and our Climbing Guides are registered with the Nepal Mountaineering Association and licensed by the Government of Nepal

Hand In Hand With The Best – Strategic Partners
When you choose Nomadier, you also choose three others, who are among the best in the travel industry. Our strategic tie-ups ensure that your travel is with the most experienced and trusted in the business. No stone has been left unturned to ensure that you get the best and safest experience when you are taking up an expedition with us.

For Everest and Tibet:
Our first strategic partner for impeccable backend support for our expeditions in Everest and the Tibet region are based in the Himalayan Republic of Nepal in Kathmandu. Its owners, travel trade entrepreneurs and climbing / trekking managers, bring a combined experience of over 20 years. A factor, that ensures that the minutest of details necessary for making your expedition delightful have been learnt firsthand and taken into consideration. This team has always ascertained that the guests get the best experience without any glitches, a fact made evident by the numerous words of appreciation expressed by previous patrons about their competency and personalized care.

For Ladakh:
Our second strategic partner, for Ladakh, is headed by a group of professional entrepreneurs who have over 15 years of experience in the adventure tourism industry. They are committed to the development of the region as well as cultural fusion and hence all their services are based on the principle of ‘eco-tourism’ and maximum interaction between local inhabitants and the guests. Their experience in the sector keeps them well placed to rectify, on-the-spot, any unforeseen problems, should they occur. Some of their esteemed clients consist of reputed names like Kuoni India Ltd, Thomas Cook (India) Ltd, TIME Pvt. Ltd, Mercury Travels (India) Ltd, Make My Trip,,, TCI (Now a part of Thomas Cook), Balmer Lawrie to mention a few. Apart from these organizations they are also associated with IRCTC and IDTC.

For Himachal Pradesh:
Our third strategic partner is for the mesmerizing terrains of Himachal Pradesh. They have ‘been there and done it all’ as it is being handled by two trained and experienced mountaineers, who are also experts at skiing, paragliding to name a few. With their combined years of experience of more than 33 years, they have an immense knowledge about terrains and their personal expertise in adventure activities; you can be rest assured that you would be visiting some of the rarest and less trodden trails in ‘Himachal Pradesh’. These trails have been hand-picked, tried and tested to perfection. They also have a special mention in the ‘Lonely Planet’ for the services they offer in this region. To add more they are also supported by a full team and all in-house best-in-class adventure equipments, so when you go on a trip with them you know you are in safe hands.