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Nomadier Blog

If you are looking for cosy, five-star amenities all around,
simulated adventure tour to witness the 'natural beauty', then
you have our apologies. What we have to offer is not for the weak hearted.
These are not some garden-variety adventure tourism packages; these are unforgettable experiences that will help you determine what you are truly made of, as you discover the world around you, a world you never even knew existed.

Come explore the demanding terrains of mystical lands like India, Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan, amongst many others, with our specially designed trekking and mountaineering tour packages, which are nothing less than large doses of pure adrenaline. Trek and conquer those unforgiving landscapes or if pushing your body beyond limits is your calling, then take one of our mountaineering offerings head-on. But this one thing we promise, once you are through with these, you would no longer look at it just as adventure tourism. They would be defined as moments which gave a new meaning to the word life. Your life.

This is an opportunity to soak up the extremes. This is where you get to test your
guts against the fiercest. This is where you are surrounded
by a stillness that fills you up with energy unlike anything
you have experienced before. This is Nomadier.
Your Date With The Edge.